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Why TRX training is so good?

What is TRX? TRX is Total Body Resistance Exercise. Invented by a Navy SEAL; Aaron Baldwin. Although techniques like this have been used in a similar fashion throughout history; using the environment as a gym. Bruce Lee used techniques such as ice lifting, which was trying t ...


How to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I’m sure most people have watched “Pumping Iron”, Arnold’s début  in a documentary about himself; the mischievous, gregarious, narcissistic personality, with the body of a Greek God. He certainly had the aptitude to hold himself in high esteem as most ...


How to run a successful gym?

How to run a successful gym business: Do a great amount of research before investing your hard earned cash. Get the basics right before you go and invest in machines that costumers can use safely, with long warranties from a reputable company like Prima Fitness Ltd. Buy w ...


Should I start Kickboxing?

How kickboxing can change your life? Benefits Self defence Relaxing Weight lose Gains confidence You burn an estimate of 275 to 450 calories in half hour sessions. Tones the muscles Improves flexibility Improves agility and balance Very active and vigorous activit ...


Why insure your gym equipment?

Why insure your gym equipment? You’ll want you to get the most from your gym equipment, so it’s always recommended that you insure your equipment against theft, loss and damage. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time and expense updating or rep ...


Building the Waterrower

Building the Waterrower Club Watch Prima Fitness build the Club Waterrower.  Simplicity in its design, complexity in its affect. Call today to order yours. (0044) 2871262223 [email protected]


Fitness Equipment Ireland and NI

Fitness Equipment Ireland and NI is beginning to explode in revenue and new starts for gyms. In the age of increasing awareness of the epidemic that is obesity; we have become a nation of gym-goers, Spinners, kettle-bellers, Boot class enthusiasts, body-builders,  ad infinit ...


Get a 6 pack in a week

In order to get the elusive 6 pack within a week, you will need to have quite a low body fat level to begin with. However this process will work for everyone, if done for long enough. Food and diet is the main reason people are overweight, it can also work heavily in your f ...


Best workouts for muscle growth

Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench Adjustable weight benches are extremely versatile, mechanically and in terms of multiple muscle use.When used to their full potential a great number and variety of exercises are possible. The adjustable bench can perform, exercises such as th ...


Lease 2 Spin

Prima Fitness Ltd and Lease 2 Spin have actively supplied Ireland and Northern Ireland with Spinning bikes for the last 7 years.  Our company has over 20 years experience in supplying high end fitness equipment across Ireland and are the Leasing Suppliers for Keiser, the #1 ...